Cliffs and Food

San diego is a nice place for a little weekend getaway, I’m lucky to have my best friend live in SD so I can crash whenever I want.

Couple weekends ago, after a long day in LA, I drove down to SD to eat some amazing food, catch up with my friend and visit the cliffs before heading up to San Francisco for an event. We stopped by the Cafe 21 in University heights to grab brunch and right after that we visited the seals who live by the cliffs!

SD Food





My flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours and I was getting so frustrated because I had already missed so much of the event but the sunset was really pretty I almost forgot I was already 3 hours late!

My clothes are all from Urban Outfitters:

Pants: (similar)

T-shirt is from Social project, now on sale!

Jacket: It’s actually a men’s jacket but I loved the look I had to buy it in XS size! Made from recycled material.

Shoes: Doc Martens!


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