do nut(ty) things

My blog is mainly targeted towards fashion but I mean c’mon who doesn’t like donuts?
I absolutely love donuts and have tried so many from a ton of different places.. they are so delicious and I’m just sharing this post because I think all my donut lovers out there should check out these places!

I know there are so many other places to try and I can’t wait to try all the other famous places!

This one is from “M&M donuts” in Anaheim, check out their yelp page here.

This one is in Elk Grove, It’s called Baker’s Donuts– you can check out their instagram page here. They also have cornets and Ice cream donuts!IMG_4827

These ones are from Donut friend .. Probably one of the best ones I’ve had.. FullSizeRender-6

The next two photos are from the infamous California Donuts where you’ll probably wait ~30 mins to grab some donuts but It’s worth it, the matcha donuts are highly rated and people also love their bacon donut but tbh, I’m not a fan of bacon donuts. IMG_2792

The cute ones below are from Fantastic donuts– They are located in Koreatown and well the decoration is really cute and the donuts are also delicious ❤FullSizeRender-14

Last but not least, who doesn’t love the good ol’ Krispy Kreme. ❤(null)

If you want more recommendations, LA WEEKLY did write a segment on top 10 best donut shops in LA! Check it out!


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