Before the storm hit most of SoCal, my friends and I were able to enjoy this past Sunday on a fishing boat out in Lake Perris, about 70 miles east of Downtown LA. We packed our bags and headed out to spend some quality time with our friends and as you know, I love being outdoors, hiking, traveling , eating so it was a perfect day. The weather predicted that it was going to be cloudy but oh god, the sun was shining so bright!! Our ice cold beer turned lukewarm but heck, who cares. Beer is beer.

The staff at the boat rental were extremely friendly and very helpful. The store sells nightcrawlers, hooks, nets, almost everything you would need to fish (but I believe you need to bring your own fishing poles!) Unfortunately, we didn’t catch anything but I hear there are some great catches out there such as (bass, carp, crayfish etc…)

There’s more to do in Lake Perris other than fishing but because we didn’t have a lot of time so we only reserved the boat for 3 hours (only $85!! What a steal!!!) , we couldn’t do everything they have to offer (jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, camping etc…)

Here are some photos of my friends and I enjoying the mountainous view on one side and the beach on the other side.

Snowy mountain top views way far out!
We also brought our own inflatable raft which was super fun
Tae&Austin headed to the beach on the inflatable raft


Josh teaching my sister how to cast a fishing pole out
Taken by one of our friends out from the raft!




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